The introduction of coin operated binoculars worldwide

--The coin operated binoculars on Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is the holy land in Japanese heart, and is also a place that international visitors almost visit. There’re several coin operated binoculars installing in tourist district of Mt Fuji, which is convenient for visitors to watch the beautiful scenery of Mt Fuji.

watch Mount Fuji from afar

take a closer look at Mount Fuji without snow

take a closer look at Mount Fuji without snow

The Japanese coin operated telescope adopt large caliber and binocular; the binoculars body is cast into the square with two large diameter lens in the front. The binocular body is connected to the column with U type bracket, and the column connects with a heavy chassis, which makes the coin operated binoculars stable.

The coin operated telescope made in Japan adopt large caliber and binoculars which ensure the good optical performance of the coin operated binoculars on the structure, it is famous for its precision products in Japan. The observation effect of this model coin operated binoculars is good. This coin operated binoculars body is cast into a square, with good sealing and waterproof performance, which ensure the use of the telescope, but the appearance is not beautiful, and the squared coin device is installed on the left of body, which makes the appearance worse.

In a sense, the large diameter coin operated binoculars present the production level of telescope. According to their own circumstances, people make their choice among the optical performance, stability and the appearance.

Yunnan Yuanjin Optical Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the production of coin operated binoculars for a long time. Against the problems that the  optical effect is poor, and the performance is not stable enough at present. The coin operated binoculars are used outdoors for a long time, and exposed to the weather and rain. It’s not easy to keep good optical performance and electrical stability.Based on over 10 years of production of coin operated binoculars, Yunnan Yuanjin Optical Co., Ltd. launches generations of products, like Gen. I, Gen. II and Gen. III, to accept the baptism of nature. Meanwhile we study the coin operated binoculars of other countries and learn from each other.