The most stable coin-operated telescope outlook 25 x100



    coin operated binoculars 25x100


       Coin-operated telescope is generally used in scenic view, It  loved by customers because can see more farther, more clearly. It's have a lot of Market prospect. But for now, import coin-operated telescope price is too high,  after 10 years of production about the domestic coin-operated telescope, the telescope optical performance is aslo very superior.It has big diameter can see more clear and  easy to operate.

      But the common problem is a coin-operated telescope electrical performance is not stable, serious restrict the use of the coin-operated telescope. Repair is very trouble if it has some problem.Generally, the customer is very difficult to repair itself, need return to the factory. Usually it's mounted on the top of the hill and tall buildings, coin-operated telescope is big weight and heavy volume.It's difficult to install and the freight is expensive. If there is a coin-operated telescope at a low price competition, the after-sales service is difficult to guarantee.











       coin-operated binocular telescope is specially designed for nature observation, it can remote viewing,use for non-professional personnel (tourists) frequently. It can work in different climate and environment and adapt to the change environment. As an tool to make money, the outlook 25x100 coin-operated telescope with its simple operation performance,excellent optical performance,stable electrical performance,fashion design, high performance advantages, can make more value for the operator.