Military binoculars6x30fighting eagle,waterproof

Military binoculars6x30fighting eagle,waterproof

Model No.︰双筒望远镜6X30

Brand Name︰OUTLOOK

Country of Origin︰China

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Military binoculars6x30fighting eagle,waterproof

 Military binoculars 6X30(fighting eagle),focusing eyepiece independence,broadband membrane,Waterproof, shockproof, plate with differentiation built-in ranging points to a cross line! Military binoculars 6X30(fighting eagle) is a high sealing, high performance full metal telescope.Military binoculars 6X30(fighting eagle)  is very sturdy and conforms to the strict military standard.Military binoculars 6X30(fighting eagle) can resist to 40 ~ 80 temperature of high and low temperature environment.Military binoculars 6X30(fighting eagle)Will become your most reliable and most powerful partners.So Military binoculars 6X30(fighting eagle)is widely used in military, transportation, ocean, forest, aviation, electric power, reconnaissance, hunting, and many other fields.

  Military binoculars 6X30(fighting eagle) can be used in the situation of the poor light conditions,especially suitable for tropical plant growth area (tropical jungle original sen).It is widely applicable to military and national units.It extremely has deep value!



Model :       YJ 6X30-I

Magnification:                     6

Diameter (mm):                  30

field of view,angle of view:         8.5°M/1000M   149  FT/1000YDS  447

An exit pupil distance (mm):        23

An exit pupil diameter (mm):       5

The recent focus:                 4

Prism system :                    Paul

Ranging:                         yes

Prism Glass Material               BAK4

focusing system                   left and right independent adjustment

Goggles type                     Rubber fold

Water and fog resistant            yes

Tripod mount                     yes

Net weight (g)                    680

Size LxWxH(mm)               157x60x128

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